Welcome to the first video of 2MenandADog in San Francisco, CA!

2MenAndADog chronicles the lives of American Andrew (that’s me!), Kiwi Josh, and German Shepherd/Hound Piper as we journey throughout every state America has to offer.

This first episode of our vlog introduces the three main characters and follows me as I pick Josh up from the San Francisco Airport. Shortly after, Josh had his first view of the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to explore the wonders of Muir Woods National Monument. From there, we headed back over the bridge to Baker Beach before we were allowed to check into our hotel.

Fortunately for me, I have a cousin, Kendra, who lives not too far from San Francisco, and she was able to join us that night as we checked out San Francisco’s nightlife. Kendra always brings life to anything she does, and she showed us around to a few different rooftop bars that let us have spectacular views of the San Francisco storyline.

Where most of our vlogs will only cover one day at a time, we wanted to do a double-whammy for the first episode and include both of the days we spent in San Francisco. The morning after the rooftop bar, Josh tried his very first Taco Bell — a must in hangover food for any American. We sat in the iconic Dolores Park and enjoyed our views of San Fran as we downed our Chalupas and Mountain Dew before we headed up to Twin Peaks.

If you like cute dogs, sweet New Zealand accents, and a crazy American, make sure you watch the video above. After that, make sure you subscribe (either on here or on Youtube) so you can join us on our trek throughout these United States!

See you next time, when we explore the Winchester Mystery House!