2MenAndADog hit up the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and Beach Boardwalk

2MenAndADog chronicles the lives of American Andrew (that’s me!), Kiwi Josh, and German Shepherd/Hound Piper as we journey throughout every state America has to offer.

Hello again! Welcome back to our vlog!

On today’s episode, Josh meets Piper for the first time, and she and I reunite after a few days apart. At this time, Piper still thought I was about to surrender her to the SPCA. She didn’t understand she was coming with us, and she’s a bit sad in here.

*A note on Piper’s food:

Piper is the strangest dog in the world. She refuses to eat out of her bowl. I spent a lot of time learning that she likes it when I “hide” her food so she can sniff it out. At this point, if I leave food in her bowl all day, she paws at the bowl in irritation until I dump it on the ground. That’s why I throw her food all down the stairs.

After a brief reunion with Piper, Josh and I headed up to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot — the first location I’d never been to on this trip. After that, we headed over to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where Josh rode his first-ever rollercoaster.

And, again, my beautiful cousin Kendra, who’s been in the last two videos joined us for this one. She may as well have signed up for the whole trip.

Technically, this was our second video, although chronologically it’s our third. That being said, we extended this to show the entire day, rendering this our longest video. After we checked out the Boardwalk, we headed to my former place of work the Chart House, for dinner at one of Monterey’s best restaurants.

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See you next time, when we hit the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium and Josh tries his first saltwater taffy!