2MenAndADog take on the wintry wonderland of McCall, Idaho!

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2MenAndADog chronicles the lives of American Andrew (that’s me!), Kiwi Josh, and German Shepherd/Hound Piper as we journey throughout every state America has to offer.

In this episode, Josh, Piper and I made our way into McCall, Idaho. Before we got there, we had no idea what we were in store for. Idaho had already proven itself as one of America’s most scenic states, but nothing could prepare us for the jaw-dropping scenery found in McCall.

Our search for dog-friendly accommodation brought us to the Brundage Bungalows, which was a great property filled with cabins. Fortunately, for us, one of the best things about this place was the fact there was a kitchen. Cooking in hotels is not an option, so anytime we had a stove, we took full advantage. Unfortunately for us, however, this was another location where Piper was not allowed on any furniture. At least they didn’t force us to keep her in her kennel the entire time, but that’s neither here nor there.

McCall is located near the Payette National Forest and includes the Payette Lake. To this day, 25 states in, this is still one of the most scenic spots we’ve seen on the trip. The snow-capped mountains and half-frozen lake didn’t hurt the experience, either. I’ve said since the beginning, so long as I didn’t have to drive in the snow, I was happy with it! Plus, Piper’s excitement in the snow always adds to the fun.

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