2MenAndADog explore the Winchester Mystery House!

2MenAndADog chronicles the lives of American Andrew (that’s me!), Kiwi Josh, and German Shepherd/Hound Piper as we journey throughout every state America has to offer.

Welcome back! If you haven’t heard of the Winchester Mystery House, stop everything you’re doing and read this article right here. I’m not going to say you should be ashamed of yourself, but I am going to ask about the rock you’ve been living under.

The Winchester Mystery House is one of the coolest, creepiest, most unique and awe-inspiring houses that exists in California. Maybe even the coolest in the country. Or the creepiest in the world.

The great folks over at Winchester were keen to work with us on our adventure, and because of that, we were able to film our experiences. Most people aren’t even allowed to take pictures on the tour, so Josh and I certainly felt lucky that pictures and videos were part of the package for us.

Even though she doesn’t make too much of an appearance, my cousin Kendra, who was in our last video, joined us for this tour as well! She’d never had a chance to visit Winchester, and as a new resident of San Jose, what better of a time to check it out than with us?

We listed this particular video under “special” for our YouTube playlist due to the special treatment given to us on this tour. Most of our videos will incorporate many different things that we’ve done instead of one main focus, but the main focuses get their own “special” videos!

See how we did that?

Enjoy the video, folks! And if you’re able to, make sure you pay the Winchester Mystery House a visit. I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

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See you next time as we hit another mystery spot and explore the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California!