*Main Image courtesy of Cross Border Xpress

The Cross Border Xpress, or CBX, is the most convenient way to fly into Mexico from Southern California.

This 390-foot walkway takes fliers from San Diego directly into the Tijuana airport. From there, get through customs first before your flight. This allows the opportunity to deboard and leave the airport immediately once you land at your destination.

Originally designed by Mexican architect Ricard Legoratta and built as a collaboration between Legoretta and architectural company Stantec, this structure was one of the final commissioned works for Legoretta before he died.

Since first opening to the public in 2015, the CBX has seen more than 10 million passengers already, with a record 2.9 million in 2019. Additionally, this is the only bi-national airport terminal within the United States. However, only those with a plane ticket leaving within 24 hours are allowed in the Tijuana airport. Those returning to California through the terminal must do so within two hours of their flight landing.

The biggest perk to the CBX is definitely convenience and affordability.

CBX Interior
Courtesy of Cross Border Xpress

Since popular locations like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are domestic flights from Tijuana, travelers can expect to save between 30-50% off standard flight prices. Parking rates start at $15 a day with $30 daily for valet.

Although the terminal is already massive, the workers behind the CBX have other expansions planned on the horizon. By the end of 2022, they’re hoping to add on an additional 6,945 square feet of space to include an enlarged US Customs and Border Protection processing area. This will allow up to 16 officers during peak hours.

After that, they plan to include an additional restroom wing and a redesigned and expanded departure lobby.

Once they get through all of that, the future holds plans for a rental car facility and an ambitious plan to include a parking garage, hotel rooms, a gas station, and more retail shops.

As to the expansion coming by the end of 2022, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico is investing $100MM to construct a new Passenger Processing Facility. This will double the airport’s footprint with an additional 484,000 square feet. Once complete, this allows for a significant increase in international air service to be able to expand the current reach. Eventually, they hope to offer flights to locations in South America and Asia.

In the meantime, the Tijuana airport offers over 100 daily flights to 35 direct destinations throughout Mexico. There’s also a VIP lounge for those interested in an upgrade while they wait.

Although you could always opt to use the app, there’s also a new Simplified Arrival System. This helps the Border Patrol maintain a quicker speed.

Are you a parent with a child between the age of 12 to 17?

CBX Aerial View
Cross Border Xpress, Otay Mesa, USA to Tijuana, Mexico airport. Courtesy of Cross Border Xpress

Fortunately, for you, the CBX also offers an unaccompanied minor team program to aid those falling in that age group who are flying without an adult.

If you don’t feel like parking or driving, there’s also a shuttle option available. This service runs through multiple locations in California including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Ysidro, Riverside, Fresno, Sacramento and Stockton.

Those who do opt to drive, have no fear. The CBX is incredibly easy to find.

Sitting at 2745 Otay Pacific Drive, this terminal rests immediately north of the U.S.-Mexico border and directly north of the Tijuana airport. It’s just 22 miles from downtown San Diego, two miles away from the Otay Mesa land port of entry and seven miles east of the one in San Ysidro.

So the next time you’re planning a weekend getaway to Cabo or Mexico City, consider doing so through the convenience of the CBX. You’ll save some money, save some time, and be surprised at how easy the whole process works.

Have you ever flown to or from Tijuana using the CBX? What was your experience like? Would you ever recommend it to a friend? Let me know down in those comments!