Southern Oregon may not be your first choice for Mexican food, but Shady Cove’s Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant is authentic as it gets.

Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant

COVID-19 has damaged a lot of restaurants, but Miguel’s continues to thrive. That may be in part to having dinner with a view sitting next to the river. During the summer, you can watch swimmers float down right next to you while basking in the sun. Winter hours still bring the serene view, but perhaps it’s not the wisest thing to take a dip when it’s so cold.

But the views aside, let’s talk about what we’re really here for: The food.

First of all, look at this burrito:

Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant

Second of all — that burrito didn’t survive the night.

Usually, when portions are that large, I end up taking some to go and enjoying it later.

I couldn’t stop eating this burrito. Even after I’d stuffed myself up on their house-made chips, I just couldn’t put the main course down. Pictured here is the asada burrito, and that red sauce on top is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried.

And I live in California.

Portion sizes aside, the flavor of the food is the biggest highlight of it all. Sometimes food may look good but just be “okay.” Or maybe completely lacking in flavor. 

But not here. Not by a long shot.

On top of the food, let’s talk for a moment about the service. Personally, I think we were taken care of by one of the most friendly servers I’ve ever encountered in my life. And I used to work on that side of the industry.

Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant

Besides just the friendly nature of our server, the staff genuinely seemed to work together to enhance the experience for all guests. Everything was cleared off in a timely manner, all of our drinks stayed full, and not a single complaint was to be had from any of us.

Outside of the original Shady Cove location, there’s also a Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant down the way in Eagle Point, as well.

While we didn’t try that one out, if it’s anything like its sister over in Shady Cove, I have no doubts it’s just as good. Perhaps it’s even better!

I, for one, exhibit no shock that this restaurant has survived 20 years in business. Pandemic who? Not enough to silence these seats, and for good reason.

Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurant

Have you tried out either of Miguel’s Family Mexican Restaurants? What did you think? Any other Southern Oregon highlights you’d recommend? Let me know down in the comments, and see what other Oregon adventures I’ve gotten up to!