Lost Creek Lake acts as a great, remote Oregon location.

Today’s video brings me to a section of Lost Creek Lake via the Joseph H. Stewart Recreation area.

Lost Creek Lake

Located about 45 minutes northeast of Medford equidistant southeast to Crater Lake, this recreation area is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet place to picnic or ride their boats.

The lake spills into the Rogue River, which trails across the entire state of Oregon until it births into the ocean at Wedderburn.

Lost Creek Lake

There are also plenty of camping options in the nearby area, including one at Rogue Elk Park and the Joseph H. Stewart Recreation area, as well.

Easily found off of Oregon Highway 62, this is also either the beginning or the end of the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway, depending on your starting location. More affectionately known as the “Highway of Waterfalls,” this section of Oregon (including Crater Lake) is legendary for its sights, and one would be remiss to let go of an opportunity to experience it for themselves.

Shoji’s Teppanyaki Medford


The tail end of this video sees me joining my sister’s family for a night of teppanyaki at Shoji’s.

Teppanyaki-style food is cooked right in front of you, for those who do not know. This Japanese tradition becomes dinner and a show. This is a great family option for those looking to entertain their children while eating.

COVID-19 may or may not impact menu choices. There’s also always the potential the restaurant may close if indoor dining isn’t allowed. We were fortunate in our experience, if not a little sad they were out of lobster.

As for me, I was perfectly content with my steak and teriyaki chicken. Standing at a solid 6’5, I even had plenty leftover for lunch and dinner the next day.

Plus, I’m always here for some fire.


Have you ever been to these locations? Where are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for changes to the vlog!