Pink food looks pretty when it hits a plate, but it’s more than just an Instagram-worthy picture. The rosy color in food is actually a sign of healthy antioxidants. With more health consciousness on the mind, rosy pink food is set to increase trends in 2023.

Restaurant Business reported on the trend this week. Results for the pink food predictions came from their sister company, Technomic, in their “What We Foresee for 2023” report.

It’s All Pink From Here

Dragon fruit bowls and strawberry/raspberry smoothies have seen a recent push from health-focused fast casuals.

But that’s not all — more and more ingredients are coming to the surface with rosier shades. Pink pineapples, a juicier and sweeter version of the yellow fruit, are showing up more and more in desserts.

Pink-eyed peas are also making appearances alongside a rise in the use of pink salt. This Himalayan version has seen a recent trend on cocktail rims, as well as in sauces and seasonings.

Schisandra berries, cara cara oranges, hibiscus-steeped bissap and other more esoteric pink food is also thought to make some more appearances in 2023.

Schisandra, a tart botanical berry grown in China, Korea and Siberia, is usually either steeped in cold beverages or brewed into tea. The berries are also thought to reduce stress and fatigue.

The Bissap, or the “national drink of Senegal,” has a floral aroma made from a roselle plant. The hibiscus also helps bring out the citrus notes.

The cara cara oranges are similar to the pink pineapples in that their rosy flesh stands out against their typical orange color. This seedless and sweet fruit has plenty of lycopene, which is the antioxidant that gives the fruit that pink color.

As sustainable travel and Insta-worthy photos grow, people looking for a little adventure in their life will love the rise of pink food in 2023.

What do you think of the rise in pink food? Is there anything you haven’t tried that you would? Any new trend you’ve already tasted? What was your experience like? Let me know down in the comments!