One-day business trips have seen a massive shift in interest, according to recent reporting from Reuters. As more travelers prefer taking “bleisure” trips with their partners, airlines are scrapping one-day business trips in place of longer stays.

Industry data also indicated business travelers started favoring longer trips before the COVID pandemic. In the wake of global isolation, remote “single-day trips” have become an easier option.

Corporate Executive Jerome Harris said, “I’m happier to save the effort and the carbon and do a few days in a location and have time to meet up with multiple people and visit multiple projects.”

Bleisure Travel vs. One-Day Business Trips

The proportion of one-day domestic trips has decreased by 25%, according to corporate travel agency CWT. Markets in Australia and the United States have struggled to keep up. U.S. carriers have jumped on the bleisure trend and added more midweek flights for travelers aiming for longer stays.

This shift is expected to stick around for both airlines and hotels, according to CWT’s head of Asia Pacific Sales, Akshay Kapoor.

“I think the trend away from one-day trips in favor of longer stays is here to stay as travelers become more environmentally and fiscally conscious. This could translate into a higher revenue per available room for hotels.”

As airfare skyrockets, Australia has seen an increase in length of domestic business trips. The trends now average four days instead of three.

A decline in same-day demand has forced popular business routes to take a sneaky disappearance from airline schedules. Domestic routes like Sydney-Melbourne and Los Angeles-San Francisco have also dropped in demand. Leisure-dominated flights like Las Vegas-Los Angeles and Honolulu-Hawaii have seen the reverse.

Even though one-day business trips aren’t dead, the one-day domestic journeys have gone down to 3% as opposed to 4% back in 2019.

What do you think of the rise in bleisure travel? Do you think domestic business trips will return to one-day experiences? Let me know down in the comments!