Frontier Airlines, a low-cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has plans to offer unlimited airfare in 2023.

There are, of course, some stipulations that come with that.

As of now, there’s no set price for the GoWild! Pass. You can sign up for details on the page Frontier Airlines set up for the program, where they state only a limited number of passes will be available for a discounted price.

What is the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass?

The page for the pass information signup says that last year, 5 million seats flew empty on planes. Because of that, they’re introducing unlimited travel for a low cost.

With the limited information available, flyers can expect:

  • Unlimited flights at all of the Frontier Airlines destinations
  • Available flights over 300+ days in the year offering complete flexibility
  • Confirmed booking the day before travel
  • 12 months of travel beginning in the Spring of 2023

Travel insider UpgradedPoints also said that Frontier Airlines members will have first dibs on the passes. Apart from signing up for the waitlist, becoming an airline member is the easiest way to get information first.

A Rise in Subscription Flight Packages

Frontier Airlines isn’t the only airline offering some sort of subscription service. Travel Weekly discussed Alaska Airlines becoming the first U.S. commercial carrier to offer a subscription service in February 2022.

Their Flight Pass product applies to the California network, as well as Phoenix, Las Vegas, and the newly added Salt Lake City. Monthly subscriptions start at less than $600 per year.

Mexico‘s Volaris airline also offers subscriptions based on an individual, duo, or friends and family tier ranking.

What do you think about Frontier Airlines introducing unlimited flights? What do you think the additional terms and prices will be? Are there any other flight subscription services you’re interested in? Let me know down in the comments!