Crumbs Bakeshop, a former New York City favorite, is hitting the markets again. This time, however, the bakery chain — who once held around 50 stores nationwide — won’t have a physical bakery.

Modern Retail reported that the Crumbs Bakeshop will implement a digital-first strategy. Former fan favorites like the squiggle and cream cupcakes will hit several grocery chains in the Northeast later in November 2022.

Along with a line of jarred cookies, the bakery will also offer nationwide delivery through its website. Ghost kitchens will also make way for local same-day delivery.

Who is Crumbs Bakeshop?

Crumbs Bakeshop originally opened shop in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 2003. Husband and wife duo Jason and Mia Bauer founded and ran the company until 2012, when they exited in a SPAC deal.

All locations had effectively crumbled (no pun intended) by 2016, when the brand all but disappeared. Free time during the pandemic, however, reignited the Bauer’s desire for selling sweets.

“The truth is it’s our baby, and it hurt us to see the brand suffer in the past,” said Jason Bauer. After getting the opportunity to reacquire the brand last year, the two have been hard at work on the relaunch.

Facing the Competitors Head On

Online bakeries like Last Crumb and Wunderkeks have seen much success on social media. Jason noted that these days, people expect to simply order their favorite brands online or be able to pick them up at the local stores.

After studying the current trends in online ecommerce bakeries, Crumbs outlined their strategy for the relaunch. As things have changed a lot over the last decade since the Bauers walked away from their stores, the duo has put investments toward paid digital advertising to help spread the word.

Instead of opening a series of bakeries, the Bauers set up a commercial facility in New York with more to come in the future. Outside of partnering with local retail chain partners, they’re also in the process of creating an ambassador and influencer program.

“Overall, our goal is to recapture the presence we had at our height,” said Jason Bauer. “There are fans out there, so we need to let them know we’re back.”

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