Carnival Cruises ruffled some nerves when they capped their Cheers! beverage package to 15 alcoholic drinks per day. Now, a new change to their onboard drinking policy could have a negative impact on them moving forward.

Reporting from TheStreet discusses how unlimited drink packages are common on most cruises, and entire social media groups are dedicated to showcasing the best ones. While not every drink has to be alcoholic, cruisers like to show where and how much they saved when purchasing unlimited packages.

Cruisers are able to bring two bottles of wine with them when they board, just like Carnival’s major rivals. As the cruise goes on, the ship stores any liquor purchases made in any ports. They return them to the passengers on the last night of the cruise.

This allows cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and MSC among others to gauge how drunk passengers are.

Carnival Changes Room Service Rules on Hard Liquor

Up until now, Carnival Cruises allowed passengers to order full bottles of hard liquor for delivery to their rooms. However, John Heald, Carnival’s loyalty ambassador, shared on his Facebook that this is a policy they’re getting rid of moving forward.

“Hard liquor is no longer available for preorder on our Fun Shops,” he wrote after issuing apologies. “All existing sales will be honored and guests can still preorder up to two bottles of wine for onboard delivery and consumption.”

The change hopes to help the cruise line monitor drink consumption and Heald assured the decision had nothing to do with money or staffing.

“This is not a cutback. Not when it affects our revenue can this be called a cutback.”

Reactions to his post varied, but a lot of guests expressed frustration at the change. Although no new orders can be placed, any orders placed previously will be honored.

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