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Today’s post comes from author Leslie Campos over at She gives great advice on how to be a healthy parent raising healthy kids, including exercise, eating habits, and of course, TRAVEL! She’s shared a few tips with us on saving money when vacationing with the youngsters, so please enjoy!

Traveling with small children and babies can be so complicated that many parents choose to avoid it altogether. This is a shame because there is much to be gained by developing a love of travel in your children early, as well as in bonding as a family over new experiences. The two most common reasons people are scared to travel with their young kids are the hassle and the cost. However, both of these can easily be mitigated with some planning and research.

Saving Money on Travel Necessities Using Kohl’s Discount Codes

There are a lot of basics that you need to stock up on when traveling with babies and small children. These include everyday essentials like diapers and clothing, but also more unique purchases like children’s luggage. One easy way to save on these items is to look for online promotions and coupons at retailers such as Kohl’s.

Another necessity you will need to consider is food, especially if you have a baby or a toddler. For example, if you are going to need to pump milk, ensure you have a breast pump that isn’t too bulky or inconvenient. According to What To Expect, the best portable breast pump on the market is the Medela Freestyle, while the most affordable pump is the Lansinoh Signature Pro.

You could also choose to pack formula during the trip. The formula samples you often get from brands are ideal for traveling. Verywell Family recommends Enfamil, Similac, and Nestle Baby for free samples, or just asking your doctor or hospital.

For babies on soft foods, you can save money by packing frozen baby food cubes in a mini-cooler. As long as your journey takes less than six hours and you have a fridge at your destination, these should keep for up to five days.

Saving Money on Road Trips

Increased comfort, a lack of grumpy fellow travelers, and complete control over breaks are just some of the elements that make road trips the preferred form of travel for many young parents. However, those gas miles can very easily add up.

One way to cut costs is to check your auto insurance coverage. There are several ways drivers can qualify for lower rates, such as bundling policies, installing an anti-theft device, or being a safe driver. If you’re looking to renew, get quotes from a few different providers.

Snacks are a key part of any road trip, so make sure you bring your own to avoid those expensive (and unhealthy) trips to the gas station. A few great healthy road trip snacks for toddlers include dry cereal, nuts, animal crackers, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and popcorn.

Saving Money on Plane Travel

Up until children are 2 years old, children can ride on a plane for free on their parent’s lap. However, just because your toddler has hit that limit doesn’t mean your airfare costs have to double. According to the Points Guy, several airlines occasionally offer free child tickets (Frontier Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines are two good examples), while others such as Emirates and Air France often offer discounts.

Saving Money on Hotels

In America, it is common for children to be able to stay for free in hotels. However, this is rarer in Europe and in other parts of the world, where it is not unusual for hotels to apply a child fee upon arrival. Travel blogger Miles to Memories suggests that you always look at a hotel’s listing on (even if you book elsewhere) because this will always clearly show their hotel child policy. That way, you don’t risk being caught out with an unexpected cost.

Traveling with young children be rewarding and fun, but it is also sometimes necessary. Learning to deal with the financial and logistical challenges will make you a better, more flexible traveler, and it will prepare you for trips to come. By the time your kids are older, they will be traveling naturals, smoothing over your family vacations for years to come.

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