I was nervous the first time I sat down to try out a bike from Pedego. I’d never ridden an electric bike before, and I hardly even ride bikes at all anymore.

Regardless, you can never pass op an opportunity to ride around the harbor area of San Diego.

The nerves disappeared quickly as I rode away. The throttle is easy to use and the ride just as smooth as promised.

So What is Pedego?

Pedego is a bike shop with over 120 locally-owned stores that provides riders with various bike and scooter options to take them around town.

The rentals last hourly or for the entire day. Each bike comes with locks so you can tie it up and enjoy a nice lunch, picnic, or even a brief shopping experience.

The bikes can be used as a normal bike would, but the added throttle from the electric side of things makes for a less strenuous ride and lets you enjoy the sights all the better.

The company has been around since 2008 and has shops all over the country. You can check out their list of locations here.

Where Did You Go?

There are six different Pedego stores across the greater San Diego area, including the downtown harbor where I went, La Jolla, Santee, Solana Beach, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

Although I had a full-day rental, I just took the bike around the downtown harbor area and over toward Chicano Park in Barrio Logan.

I also accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere out near a production facility by a railroad track.

Personally, I felt a little nervous about leaving the bike anywhere, even though it came with a lock. It was great to ride around the harborside and by all the museums, which I was also able to see when I did my scavenger hunt and the Go-Car Tours in the area, too.

After I checked the bike back in, I enjoyed an incredibly delicious meal at Miguel’s Cocina across the way. What better way to mow down on some Mexican food than with an oceanside view?

Would I Enjoy a Day With Pedego?

Without a doubt.

Although I was offered an opportunity to ride around on the scooter as well, I’m sure I’d have had just as much fun on that experience.

This is definitely something I would recommend to do with at least one other person, though.

As I said, I can never turn down an offer to ride around on a sunny day in San Diego. This experience would have just been elevated if I’d convinced a friend to come along with me.

Regardless, I think it’s a day well spent. If I wasn’t too nervous to go around the downtown area, I might have gone for a longer ride. The batteries last the entire day, after all, but I enjoyed the time I did spend soaking up the sun.

How Much Does it Cost?

That depends on the option you go for.

Where I went in San Diego, the standard, premium, or two-person bikes have an hourly or daily charge.

The standard bike runs at either $20/hour or $75/day.

The premium goes for $25/hour or $95 per day, which was what I had.

The two-person goes for $30/hour or $110/day.

There are also various guided tours you can do, like the waterfront tour for $110, the Harbor Island and Liberty Station for a self-guided which was basically what I did, or a bayshore bikeway self-guided, both that come with a map.

All in all, a day with Pedego is a great way to spend cruising around San Diego or wherever location you rent from.