2 Men and a Dog

2MenAndADog is a YouTube series that chronicles the lives of American Andrew, New Zealander Josh, and German-Shephard/Hound Piper as they challenge the media’s negative perspective of the United States.

The Team

2MenAndADog Andrew


Andrew is founder and moderator of the Life in Another World Blog and author of the Objects of Inwit series. He had the idea for the trip after a year abroad in New Zealand during the 2016 election. Tired of consistently being asked about American politics, he decided to embark on a journey that proved America wasn’t as bad as it looked on TV.

2MenAndADog Josh


Josh is the editor and creator of the 2MenAndADog YouTube channel. After an invitation to America from Andrew after his year abroad and a sale on flights through Air New Zealand, Josh agreed to sign on as the filmmaker of the trip. He became a vital part of the team and provides a unique foreigner’s perspective. Josh is the best co-pilot anyone could ask for. He never slept once.

2MenAndADog Piper


Piper is a rescue dog who couldn’t be happier that Andrew saved her. According to the SPCA, her old father treated her well, but all her new dad cares about is giving her a life of adventure. After some adjustment, she fell in love with the idea of traveling, and anytime she’s in a spot for more than three days, she gets annoyed. She’s also the star of the show.

At the moment, these three have racked up nearly 24,000 miles traveling around America’s highways, byways, cities, farms, and everything in between exploring the first 25 states.

They’ve filmed the whole thing, but it takes Josh some time to make sure their experience is documented properly. Be sure you subscribe to the channel to join them on the adventure!


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